Zig-Zag King Black Skateboard - (1 Count)

Zig Zag
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This brand is trusted by millions of skaters around the world. Having spent a considerable amount of time creating the perfect budget skateboard complete, the brand stands behind its products.

The Zig-Zag King Black Skateboard is designed specifically for everyday skaters. It works well for beginners as well as professionals. Thus, you will be getting a product that serves two purposes.

We've designed a lightweight board that is fun to ride, and built to be strong and compact. This is the perfect board for anyone who skates everywhere. With the skateboard ready for the street, you can learn tricks and tips that will help you master the board. Young and old alike will enjoy this board's versatility and smooth ride.

Custom print 8" inch skateboard deck featuring our Iconic arched Zig-Zag logo!

Made from 7 ply American Maple wood.

BEST SHAPE - Standard skateboard deck perfect for cruising the streets or hitting the skatepark.

IDEAL FOR - Great for beginners, pros, boys, girls, teens, or adults. It’s a versatile shape that can be used by new skaters or experts.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Cold pressed with 7 ply of hardwood maple. It has durable and safe construction for when you’re doing tricks.

USA MAPLE - Made from 7 ply American Maple wood These boards are built by skaters for skaters and support the skateboarding community.

Trucks and wheels not included.