Vegan Facial - 250mg

Yellow CBD
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250mg Full Spectrum CBD Vegan Facial Moisturizer in a 2oz jar .  This smooth and creamy facial moisturizer is great morning and night and anytime dry face hits.  After a shower, face wash or shave you can start your day or night with the feeling of facial freedom while the wonderful properties of CBD are working right in front of the mirror.  You never know when a selfie, photobomb or mug shot is around the corner.  Have your skin looking it's best.  No animals are used in this face moisturizer because it's vegan and animals don't moisturize their face.  A smooth and creamy textured high strength CBD topical for your beautiful you.  This natural scented Full Spectrum CBD topical moisturizes, rejuvenates and hydrates your beautiful you.  Pure. Simple. Beauty.