Vaporizer Famous X Wraith

Famous Brandz
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Small and Ergonomic design
Quick heat-up time
Digital LED screen
Temperature Control
Auto Shutoff

Famous Brandz is the leading manufacturer of branded lifestyle accessories around the world. The Wraith is a small, ergonomically designed, dry herb vaporizer by Famous Brandz. It utilizes convection heating for a more flavorful experience and features a fast heat up time and a digital readout.

To use: Twist mouthpiece counterclockwise to remove and then loosely pack chamber with ground material. Quickly press the center button 3 times to turn on and use the flanking buttons to control temperature. With a full digital screen you are able to change temperature by precise degrees between 160⁰C-221⁰C (320⁰F-430⁰F). Ideal temperature is dependent on moisture content of your herb and desired vapor thickness. Unit will turn off after being idle for 3 minutes.

Package Includes:

Wraith Vaporizer
Silicone insert for mouthpiece
Cleaning brush
Packing tool
USB charging cable
User Manual