Tiki Terp Slurpers 14mm 45 Degree

Tiki Quartz
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No these are not American made nor are they over priced. In todays world of over hype and crazy inflated prices on hard to come by smoking gear. Tiki Quartz is changing the game by following as did Bear Quartz did. Introducing high quality Chinese quartz at a fraction of the price as American made quartz. 


These Tiki Slurpers may not hold temp for as long as Toro or ESB slurpers. But they are an incredible price with the incredible function and astethic as the American made OG. If you cannot find a terp slurped that is not outrageously taxed or even in stock. You can trust us to deliver you a solid slurper at an incredible price.


Top is beveled

plate has three slits going up the spout (this creates the slurped action)

neck is clean blow out

best used with a pillar set and marble up top, all the air flow comes from the bottom. So no need for any airflow up top.