The HourGlass 6" Banger Hanger

Encore Collection
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The Hourglass Dab Rig makes for a solid pocket rig. It's built of strong borosilicate glass. The flat base on the bottom helps to keep the rig on your table. It has a bubble reclaim on the downstem that lets you to get back all the dabs you may have lost during your smoke sesh. The mouthpiece and marble come in a variety of colors.

Product Highlights

  • For Use with Dry Herb or Concentrate
  • Hourglass Dab Rig
  • Scientific Glass
  • Clear High Quality Glass
  • Popped Hole Perc
  • Strong Flat Base
  • Ball Reclaim
  • Fixed Downstem with Banger Hanger
  • Color Accents on Mouthpiece and Marble Accent
  • Two Simple Marble Accents
  • Encore Label and Logo
  • Slide or Banger Included