SKUNK Hybrid Duffle

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With odor-proof pockets and a powerful carbon lining, Hybrid is a locking smell-proof bag with added versatility. Fill two needs with one deed by opting for this two-way pack, which can be worn as a rucksack or carried as a duffel when desired. The shoulder straps can be stowed away when not in use, while military-grade fabric keeps your kit safe and sound. The secret of our success lies in our top-of-the line patented activated carbon technology and silver antibacterial lining. Activated carbon neutralizes odors and traps harmful chemicals and gases in its pores to provide relief from offensive odors and bacteria contained. It works by absorbing molecules in its proximity, similar to the way a sponge absorbs water on contact.


• 100% Smell & Weather Proof
• Maximum Potency premium Carbon lining
• Thermal Lining
• Anti-smell retainer interior
• Rubber backed nylon
• Anti-tear protective filter net
• Water resistant military grade fabric
• Pockets are rain safe
• Velcro carbon cover
• Smell proof rubber coated zipper
• Storage compartment for backpack straps
• Dimensions: 21’’ x 11’’ x 9.5''