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Rooster Glass Nimbus Doubleup Recycler

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Brands Inhale Bliss

@roosterglass is based out of Richmond, Virginia. Coming from the same shop as @pipemaker and @justincarterglass we see the highest level of quality in both form and function. Recognized for his brick tech and cobblestone tech, Rooster’s work has quickly become a desirable collectors piece. This one features the color Nimbus, one of Glass Alchemy’s latest and most sought after Atlantis Variants. 

Nimbus is a translucent pastel blue with a soft tone. Based on a milky aquamarine color, Nimbus is subject to a variety of looks based on thickness of the color layer and techniques used to manipulate it. Nimbus handles well with or without encasement. Coiled bubbles will show coil lines whereas a blowout will produce a smooth opalescent finish.

It is copper free, so it won’t go red from propane reduction. Easy to work and quick to melt, this pastel is perfect for the job when you want something with range and stability.

Comes shipped in an 1120 Pelican Case 

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