The Pocket Sandal

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  • 1 Count 
  • 3 Count 
  • 6 Count
  • Various Size 
  • Khaki 

Rolling Paper Pocket Sandals For Those That Love RAW Products

These comfortable sandals are specifically designed for RAW, and are specifically tailored for those people who love using RAW products. If you are part of the roll-your-own-smokes community, you have probably fallen in love with RAW’s amazing rolling papers and amazing pre rolled cones.

Comfy Custom Made RAW Sandals

These incredibly comfortable sandals have a triple layer of foam and an adorable RAW pattern that gives them a better grip and ensures the wearer doesn’t trip over anything while wearing them. The best thing about these amazing slides is that they are incredibly smooth and are made with premium quality materials.

An Environmentally Friendly and Ethical Brand

As a brand, raw is very environmentally conscious, and therefore, they have invested their time and efforts into developing a rolling paper that is eco-friendly. Help those in need by contributing to The Raw Foundation and buy from RAW today!