8 Oz Vanilla Air Sanitizer

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For the people who smoke regularly and have to deal with their home/ rooms smelling like pot all day every day, we have the Ozium Air Sanitizer that will eliminate the smell instantly. This 8 oz of spray is highly portable and is available in multiple scents like-new car, original, outdoors, and vanilla. It doesn’t just mask the smell of smoke, but instead, it eliminates it completely by dissolving airborne molecules, which are the cause.

It is termed the most trusted smoke de-odorizer. It works quickly and efficiently. It is made from the highest quality of materials and leaves the air quality much better after use. Get this fantastic product and always have your home smelling fresh and nice.


• This 8 oz of spray is highly portable
• Better Air Quality
• Dissolves Smoke Particles
• Glycol-ized air sanitizer cleans the air you breathe
• Proven effective by bacteriological laboratory testing
• Designed to reduce airborne bacteria and eliminate smoke and other odors
• Lighter-than-air particles remain in sprayed area for three to four hours