MININAIL Titanium Ninja Sword Dab Tool 1 Count (Various Colors)

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The MININAIL Titanium Ninja Sword Dab Tool is a double-sided instrument intended for gathering or spreading pot concentrates. One side has a huge scoop to deal with your next disintegrate, while the opposite side incorporates a fine point tip ideal for moving the ideal measure of oil onto your nail, dish, or straw. The longevity of this product is for sure. It can deal with the routine heavy use. It is not only durable and strong but also has a fine grip and an attractive design giving both sides use. This vigorous, comprehensive pot scrubber makes certain to cause you to feel cultivated and eager to have this protected item with you.

  • Features A Slightly Curved Flattened Edge for Easy Use
  • Anodized Black Handle
  • Will Work with All Minienails
  • Made of Lab Certified Grade 2 Titanium
  • Sharp Edge Makes Slicing Through Dabs Easy
  • Carb Cap/Dabber Removable for Easy Cleaning