Heater Coil Guard

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The new MiniNail Gen 2 MiniNail Heater Coil Guard helps prevent burns and accidents when using a hot Mini Nail enail. This new model is more versatile as it can be used on our 25mm Quartz Ebanger, Quartz Hybrid Nail, and Titanium Nail accessories. It can also be used on any standard MiniNail enail kit.
Heat is significantly reduced on the shield allowing it to help prevent unwanted objects from coming in contact with the heater coil. The heater coil guard fits onto the arm of the coil for a nice sturdy fit. It uses two set screws that keep the guard firmly attached to the coil. The guard can be added or removed easily for cleaning or to change accessory type.


• Features A Slightly Curved Flattened Edge for Easy Use.
• Sharp Edge Makes Slicing Through Dabs Easy.
• Anodized Black Handle
• Will Work with All Mininails
• Carb Cap/Dabber Removable for Easy Cleaning
• Made of Lab Certified Grade 2 Titanium