UFO Vortex Bubbler

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Beam up your terps with the HEMPER UFO Vortex Bubbler! This UFO-themed bubbler is designed for ultimate flavor ride into space. This dual-chamber bubbler includes both human AND hidden alien technology to cool your vapors while preserving your terpenes. In the bottom chamber, we've added the classic 6-slit inline perc for maximum diffusion, but after that, it gets a little bit alien... In the upper chamber, we've included several venturi inlets to pull in and spin air into a vortex of smooth and flavorful vapor.
If you're looking to abduct some serious terps, this is the bubbler for you.
  • 6" Inches Tall
  • Inline 6-Diffuser Perc
  • UFO Mouthpiece
  • Venturi Inlets
  • (1) HEMPER UFO Vortex Bubbler
  • (1) 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl