Odor Eliminator Spray

Hemper Tech
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With a powerful formula that outperforms other brands, Hemper Tech Odor Eliminating Spray is ready to rid your house or car of that reek. It comes in a handy shake spray that’s perfect for a purse or glove box, and the smell is crisp and clean, and the smoke smell is gone fast! Hotboxing your car and smelling clean five minutes later seems like a fairy tale, but Hemper Tech Odor Eliminating Spray can do it with a few pumps of this smoke-killing formula. It uses enzymes to capture and eliminate the molecules that makeup weed stink, not mask it!
The high-minded crew that created this smell spray had the small-space smoker in mind when they created Hemper Tech Odor Eliminating Spray. It’s a superior way to break down smoke smells in smaller spaces that’s way more effective at smoke odor than other brands.


• HEMPER Odor Eliminator
• 1oz Enzyme Odor Removing Spray
• Extra Strength for Strong Odors
• Designed for Smoke Smells
• Small and Portable
• Fits Glovebox