Eyce Glacier Spoon

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Ultra functional silicone rubber dry-herb pipe. This new edition from Eyce is loaded with features. The pipe splits in half for easy access to the pipe’s internal airflow path making it effortless to thoroughly clean the pipe. The airflow path is a snake pattern, not only extending its length to cool the smoke but that path is also navigating past cooled surfaces via an ice chamber located on the top of the pipe. Don’t worry about the ice melting because the water is isolated in a watertight chamber.

It also is equipped with Eyce’s traditional Poker and Snap in Glass Bowl.

Measuring in under 5” this pipe is the coolest deal on the market this season.

Constructed with Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber, borosilicate glass, and a stainless steel poker.

A tribute to the brands roots, we are celebrating Eyce's 10 year anniversary with a unique silicone rubber pipe design that incorporates frozen water to chill your smoke.

-Split design for easy cleaning
-Isolated ice chamber and extended air-path for Icy cold hits
-Magnetic snaps for easy reassembly
-Removable snap-in borosilicate Glass Bowl
-Traditional Stainless-Steel poker tool securely held in with magnets
-Lifetime Warranty