Double Perc Stemless Glass Bong

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Featured with brilliant color and a height of 15 inches, the stemless glass bong has an 18mm female bowl deep enough for your herb. When firing the herb, the smoke enters through the 90-degree joint of the water pipe, it then comes to the first chamber and through the second one. The glass bong equipped with double percolators is used for better filtration of smoke. Therefore, the users can enjoy the smooth and good-tasting hits. Also, the glass bong designed with a bent neck mouthpiece helps alleviate the chance of water splashing through it. There is no doubt that it will definitely be one of our best sellers. Enjoy super-smooth and flavor-packed hits with this gorgeous percolator bong!


  • Height: 15"
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Seed of Life Perc
  • Color Accents
  • Includes: 18mm Bong Bowl