SoL50 Lace-Sphere Sacred-G Sand Blasted Tube
Seed of Life

SoL50 Lace-Sphere Sacred-G Sand Blasted Tube

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Seed of Life offers a simple modern day bougie with an elegance to your classic, yet sleek easy to absorb styles. Do not buy these bongs if you plan on hiding them in your cupboard or your closet. These beautiful yet classic bongs demand to be shown off for what they are. Fully functional, bubble stacking, easiest bong rips you've taken since drinking your first glass of apple juice. 

This isn't just any normal bong that you need to suck as hard as possible. Seed of Life is a pure Murican scientific bong. You need to be light and gentle...Pull ever so slightly to get her started. Then gently raise the bar and see how can stack the bubbles.


Adding this hand blown piece of functional art to your collection will have everyone in your safety meeting having fun seeing who can get the bubbles to stack the highest...


-18" tall

-18mm female joint

-Comes with 18mm male bowl

- Sacred-G sand blasting

- Lace-Sphere perc

 Seed of Life ash catchers are currently waiting to be added to website  please contact us on social media or email our support to have custom order with purchase of matching DC or ash catcher.


*Do not place near porcelain. Glass does not break from impact. Glass breaks from expansion(ie heat or a prying force) and vibration. Porcelain rivibrates sound through glass. Which will explode your bong, bowl, banger, pipe, etc. Like a piccolo peat wrapped in duck tape.

*Drain out water from bong after EVERY sesh! You do not want this sexy piece of art looking like a beautiful pond that has sewage draining into it.

*Keep off the floor. This prevents accidental breakage and prevents your room from smelling like bong water. Which if you paid a deposit in your home. Kiss it goodbye. Carpet cleaners aren't cheap.

*Cleaning is incredibly easy. Resolution Gel will remove EVERY bit of resin and dirty smell pithing 5-30 minutes. Be sure to grab a bag or three before checkout. You'll love it

*To prevent ash from snapping into the bong and clogging percs. Be sure to pick up a dry catcher or an ash catcher. 


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