Beveled Round Opaque Quartz Banger

Dank Banger
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From top to bottom, this is an awesome quartz banger with a new opaque quartz bottom that revolutionizes how quickly it can heat up as well as how long it can hold the heat.  You're going to be impressed. The fact that this particular banger on our site is by far the most popular on our site is saying a lot.

Other than the opaque bottom, the shape and size of this nail are ideal for almost everybody.  The bucket comes in our most popular size (25mm) and isn't too deep or too wide. The flat top fits perfectly with most carb caps we sell or ones that you may already own.

This new banger can easily become your new favorite workhorse from day one. See what all the hype is about this banger.

Thickness is 3mm Diameter is 25mm 14.5mm Frosted Joint.