Dank Banger
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What Makes the Beveled Edge better?

This new feature helps seal the connection between your banger and your cap. The beveled edge creates a natural curve for your cap to sit more flush on the banger.

The reason this is important is because the better connection you have, the more pressure that is inside the banger.

When there is more pressure, you can take a dab at a lower temp!

(Notice how once you put your cap on, there is more smoke than before? What is happening is the cap is lowering the pressure inside the banger!) 

At the end of the day, this banger will allow you to take lower temp dabs but still receive the same amount of vapor. 

Pros:-Center core puck gives more surface area for the oil to burn on, which allows you to get more vapor!

-Beveled Edge 

-Very long heat retention (1:20-1:50) 

-Quick heat up

-Easy to clean - (glob mops can fit snugly to clean, or regular cotton swabs work great!)

Cons:-Compared to flat tops (no center puck), core reactors can be a bit more annoying to clean (our core reactors are nearly perfectly center 100% of the time. You won't have issues with not fitting a q tip.)

Sizing: 25mm Outer diameter, 3mm wall thickness.

Most bubble caps will fit, if you are having an artist make you one, I'd suggest getting a 21-25mm bubble cap for our 25mm bangers. Because the wall thickness is 3mm on each side, a 25mm cap is actually too big, but subtract the 3mm wall thickness on each side, you get 19mm!