Athos Ashcatcher

Vitae Glass
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The first ash catcher designed by VITAE Glass that pairs perfectly with VITAE bongs.

Designed to keep your bongs cleaner for longer. 

Made with the same high-quality standards as our VITAE bongs. 


Fits 14mm joints 
Suitable for straight or 45 degree joints
Compatible with all VITAE bases
Perc: Ratchet perc
H 3" W 2.5" L 1.5"

How to Use

This ashcatcher can be used with or without water.

When adding water, add just enough to touch the bottom of the perc. Too much water will overflow into your piece and you don't want that. After filling, give it a couple of test rips to drawer out any excess water.  

Avoid adding too much water. This is made to function more as an ashcatcher and not a percolator.