9" R&M Bent Neck Tire Perc Bubbler

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This is how Rick Sanchez looks when he hits the bong one too many times! If you want a cool Rick and Morty water pipe for your collection, grab this Rick and Morty 9" Banger Hanger Bong.
This 9" tall glass banger hanger features a large Rick face modeled on its side to give it that out-of-this-world look you expect from Rick and Morty. Its banger hanger design means it has an upright joint far away from the bent mouthpiece, making toking easy.
Inside this Rick and Morty bong is a showerhead perc for smooth, filtered hits. This Rick and Morty 9" Banger Hanger Bong is available in assorted colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current assortment. Each order will receive a random color.


• 9" tall Rick and Morty bong.
• Large alien Rick Sanchez design on the side.
• Banger hanger shape with upright 14mm joint.
• Includes 14mm dry herb bowl.
• Color may vary from photo
• 1 count