9.5" Skull Face Soft Glass Ice Catcher Beaker

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Description :

This alluring glass skull face ice catcher beaker is an ideal piece to pull out and share at parties as well as a perfect gift for your fellow smokers at Halloween. Standing at 9.5 inches, this glass beaker is crafted with durable glass and has a creepy skull-shaped base that is very comfortable to hold. The bong nicely cools the bubbly smoke as it travels through a submerged downstem before diffusing and exiting through the mouthpiece. This process provides a cleaner, cooler, and more filtered hit which is far smoother to your lungs and throat but still packed with flavor. Plus, for a stunning bong that will be the envy of your friends, this attractive glass piece won’t break the bank.


• Skull Face ice catcher Beaker
• The beaker has 9.5" Inch Height
• Comes with Downstem
• 14 mm male bowl included
• 1 count, 3 count, 6 count

Color May Vary