4.5" Spiral Dichro Hand Pipe (1 Count)

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These sleek varied 4.5" Dichroic Spiral Spoon Hand Pipes take bold solid colours and challenge them with harsh whirling lines of dazzling dichroic frit, putting an ultra-modern spin on headshop style. Each of these 4.5" glass pipes securely cradles in your palm with gliding smooth shapes, demonstrating modern art in action. These 4.5" Dichroic Spiral Spoon Hand Pipes are made of high-quality heat-resistant glass and make quite a statement. Screens are included with all pipes. Each piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

• 4.5 Inches in length.
• Spiral design embedded into glass hand pipe.
• Portability.
• Colors may differ.
• Made of high-quality glass that is heavy-duty and long-lasting