16" Influenced Brandz Straight Bong Designed By Artist Linda Biggs - (1 Count)

Linda Biggs
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Description :

Beautifully Designed by International Award-Winning Rainbow Fantasy Artist Linda Biggs
The influenced brandz Straight Glass Ice bong features bright, eye-popping colors and art by Linda biggs on the body. The round bottom of this tapered straight tube provides excellent stability and prevents it from tipping over.
This dazzling piece is definitely a showstopper. Panorama comes equipped with a removable diffused inside-cut 18.8mm > 14 mm slitted diffuser downstem and ice notches, for optimized filtration and a cool


• High quality borosilicate glass
• Tapered straight tube
• 18.8mm ground joint
• 14mm herb bowl with colored handle
• Ice notches
• The bong is 16" tall by 5" Diameter Base
• Extra thick 9mm Art Glass throughout


• Beautiful Straight Bong
• Straight Tube
• Removable Glass Bowl with Finger Grip